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Friday, May 09, 2008

Panther Pro 45 Speargun Review

SimplicityAccuracyStealthDurabilityFlexibilityPriceOverall Impression

Rating: 1 worst-5 best

Overall Impression:

Configured specifically for
the rough and tumble conditions of the Americas Northeast, the Panther
Pro 45 speargun will enable any Spearo to bring his best game to the
water. Whether you are hunting wrecks, jetties, channels or moving surf
this speargun will hunt.

The Panther Pro 45 meets the
specific and harsh criteria of the diverse northeast underwater hunter
and can be used to hunt a w3ide range of species from Fluke and Flounder
to larger game like grouper and Striper. However, its features make
it a hunter in almost any marine environment. I really like this gun
and have added it to my regular arsenal for Striper and Fluke spearfishing
off of Long Islands Jetties and beaches. It’s powered well and is
so comfortable and easy to load. I guarantee more fish with this gun
simply because it is so easy and fast to load with minimal body movement
and a virtually silent release.


This is one seriously simple,
economical design. The composite gun is ergonometric ally designed to
load easily and carries and holds just as well in even the strongest
currents. This is due to the mid-handle design and narrow form fit grip
that can accommodate many different sized hands with even the thickest
dive gloves.

The trigger, sear and line
release mechanism use an absolute minimum of parts and are designed
and configured to eliminate wear.

The top loading muzzle is the
most efficient feature of the gun. By simply snapping the shaft into
the muzzle, load times are incredibly short and very safe. Using this
loading method you will never need to change your position or hyper
extend your body and arms to load a gun again. This means you can load
the gun with a minimum of movement and disturbance. More fish for you!


The price of the Panther Pro
45 makes everyone a winner. In comparison to other spearguns the Panther
Pro 45 is packed with features at a very economical price that is within
reach of almost any budget. No other gun in this price range could receive
such high marks.


The panther Pro 45 speargun
has great accuracy due to its fiberglass composite integrated rail system
and partially enclosed track. The gun sports a medium weight 5/16”
stainless steel shaft that will track well under any power level as
well as supplying the durability and hardness only stainless can offer.
In addition the ergonometric narrow grip will give you much better control
of the gun even when you are wearing the heaviest neoprene gloves.


The dense non reflective black
composite material that forms the body of the gun contains no metal
tubes or parts capable of vibrating. This is one of the most whisper
quiet guns available. Trade out the stock metal wishbones for a set
of bands with nylon wishbones and the gun is virtually silent.


The Panther Pro 45 speargun
is manufactured from the most advanced materials and processes available.
The super silent bodies are molded from the strongest fiberglass composite.
The body will not crack, delaminate, warp, peal or absorb water. All
components of the gun such as the shaft, trigger and sear are manufactured
from non-corrosive stainless steel. A 5/16” stainless shaft is also
a great trade between tracking, speed and durability. In most cases,
a 5/16” stainless shaft can survive any normal wear and tear without
bending or “whipping”. (A 3/8 shaft is also available if needed)
In short, the Panther Pro 45 is a highly durable speargun that can take
all the knocks, scuffs and bumping that demanding Northeast spearfishing
can dish out. It will never rot, rust, split or snap. This gun will
hunt for years and then some.


I really like the flexibility
that comes with a medium length speargun that can handle three 5/8”
bands. At the top of its power end the 45” overall length gun will
send a 36” x 5/16” stainless steel shaft out at rocket speeds and
cover any distance required of Northeast hunting. The gun can also accommodate
a heavier 3/8 x 36” shaft if desired. Having three bands does not
mean you have to use them all and the gun delivers superior power with
two bands loaded for striper sized prey and will also shoot great with
one band loaded for bottom fish and smaller species.

In addition, the snap-in muzzle
creates a partially enclosed track that enables the spear fisherman
to choose several different configurations of line such as the standard
shock cord that comes with the gun or a monofilament coil.

Finally, any tip of choice
can be screwed onto the threaded shaft.

Pro 45
JBL Sawed Off
Magnum XHD
AB Biller 48
Riffe Metal
All non-corrosive
Single piece
3 5/8”
üü ü
Top Loading
ü ü
One piece
integrated rail
üGlued on stripüü
Thin Grip
contour handle
ü ü
Steel Shaft
üü ü
Silentü ü


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