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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Long Island Diving Update

I haven’t been writing much lately because I have spent my free time diving. In the last month I have had the good fortune to take some big stripers as well as some yummy lobsters both from the North and South shores. Of late I have diving off my Zodiac on the North shore. I have been running out of Stony Brook and Port Jeff harbors to hit the nice string of jetties and drop stone points. A few days ago I was serenaded at the Port Jeff Jetty by a chorus of Toad fish. I managed to take one lobster but this time of year the toad fish move into the shallow still water and take every available good hole and start to drum. It’s kind of a cool feeling having fish make noises while you are in the water. I also shot out to Old field point to do some free diving. Yes free diving. I have been going back to my roots of late and I am enjoying the freedom immensely. I think all scuba divers should spend some time free diving. It builds confidence and it really lets you know what you are capable of.

So in short, The North shiore has been holdiong good visibility and the South shore has been really giving up good sized fish for the month of June.

Well, hope to see you on the water. And if you are interested in learning to dive give me a call. 631 285 1539


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