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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Onboard Sushi- a quick recipe for a fast delight

“Yummy Yum Yum.” I sure do like sushi. And I like it even better when it’s fresh. And by fresh I mean still a bit twitchy. When fish is eaten immediately after it is caught the meat tastes exactly as it should. The oils haven’t begun to break down the sweet taste or the rigidity of the meat. So how do you prepare Sushi on a boat or a beach and take advantage of the freshest fish in the world? Here’s how.
It starts at home before the dive. First you are going to need these ingredients: Rice vinegar, wasabi, soy sauce, pickled ginger and black sesame seeds. Into a small Tupperware bowl place 3 parts soy sauce, 1 part rice vinegar, a god amount of ginger and as much wasabi as you can stand. I like it with a kick as it really accentuates the sweet taste of fresh fish. Place the sesame seeds in a little Tupperware bowl as well. Stow that concoction in your gear bag.
When you complete your dive and come up with some nice fresh fish make sure you get your gear out of the way and you have enough room to use your fillet knife safely. Fillet and skin the fish you want for sushi and then slice it or chunk it with along with the grain of the meet. This usually means from top to bottom on a fillet. A large bass provides you with a sweet belly meat that I would suggest you use for sushi before the side fillets.
Anyway, Lay the chunks on a platter or cutting board and put the sauce you made and the sesame seeds in the middle. Using chopsticks, dip the chunks into the sauce, grab a piece of ginger and then dip the chunk in the sesame seeds. Pop it into your mouth and expect heaven. The sesame seeds provide that carb taste you would normally get from the rice and helps to balance all the flavors involved. Once you try sushi this way you may never go back to cooking fish again.
Some of my favorite Long Island fish for sushi are:
Black Fish
Black Sea Bass
Porgy – Truly unbelievable raw (try it)
Striper belly
Trigger fish

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Happy hunting and good eating!

Good luck and good eating


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