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Friday, March 11, 2005

Car Keys, Where do they belong.

As you can see I write about some of the most basic things in scuba diving. Why not, somebody has to. I think it’s a fair task to remove all the stupid barriers and stresses from diving and I aim to do just that for whoever reads my articles.
Back to keys.
I thought I would give new divers some options when it comes to car keys. I have seen them stuffed and hung from every inch of a diver as well as buried, hidden and jammed under chassis. Let’s face it. You can’t very well leave them in the ignition with the car running while you dive.
Option 1- Clip them off to your BC. This works if you have a strong key ring and non-electronic keys. I recommend that they are also in a pocket so they don’t snag on anything.
Option 2 – Place them in a small dry bag or capsule and then clip them off to your BC and in a pocket.
Option 3- Place a single key inside your wetsuit in that little pocket by the zipper. I don’t like this option because you have to undress if you forgot something in the car.
Option 4- Keep a separate key in a magnetic container under your car and just lock your regular set in the car. It’s always a good idea to back up options 1-3 with option 4 incase you lose your keys during the dive. Yes , you guessed it. Redundancy even extends to car keys. If you do get your car keys wet just rinse them off with a little fresh water from a water bottle before you place them in the ignition or door locks. Not much to say about car keys and diving but at least it’s been said.
Good Luck


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