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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Are You A Scuba Diver?

Well, you might be…….Take the test.

Do you live for adventure?
Do you like fresh lobster and sushi?
Do you wish you were offered a spot on the Discovery channel?
Do you crave unlimited amounts of sex?

If you answered those questions, “Yes, but I never get any”, then there is a good chance that scuba diving may be right for you. It’s a very simple sport with simple rules and it opens an entirely new world to you. Imagine being immersed right in the center of life itself. From your very first dive you will discover things about the environment and yourself that you have only hoped to glimpse. Simple things like a jetty or submerged boulder can become a full blown expedition. Your first glimpse of a large striper or lobster will stay with you for the rest of your life. How about dropping down on a World War One wreck in 100 feet of water? It’s covered in anemones with swarms of fish all over it that leads you to a giant gaping hole torn open by a German mine. It’s there for you. Waiting in the water is history, adventure, exploration and a satisfaction that you feel from every visit to the underwater world.
Oh, and sorry if I got your hopes up about the sex. Scuba diving won’t really get you any but at least you won’t miss it as much.


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