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Monday, March 07, 2005

The Cold, The Pole and the Flatties

Brrrr...... Seems like I caught a chill in Novemebr and I haven't stopped shaking all winter. Normally, I would have been underwater most of the winter collecting clams, mussels and rock crabs but I just didn't have it in me this year. I caught a cold that lasted way to long and I just got really busy. But now, with aprill looming close by I have to suit up and get my butt into the watter for some of Long Island's spring flounder action.
There was a time when I would sit in my little rowboat and dangle worms for the flatties to munch but those days are gone. I take the fight right to them. In the early spring, Flounder are in the back bays and harbors where they spent the winter deep in the mud. As the water warms up they'll start moving to collection points like holes the current drives food to and along rock jetties. When they do this it's time to grab the pole spear and go. I use a pole spear for flatties in spring for two reasons. First, I can wear my big neoprene mitts and keep my hands warm. The pole spear doesn't require that I have a trigger finger available. second, who needs a speargun for flounder. That would be like shooting a humming bird with an elephant gun. I use a standard rock tip so I can run the fish right up the pole as I spear them. I do this because it is fast, secure and doesn't require that I try to fuddle around with flipping fish, catch bags and creels while I am wearing those goofy big warm mitts. Anyway, start looking for some good flounder spots and go down for dinner. It's a nice spring treat.
BTW, I will be teaching an Underwater Hunter course early this spring so if you are interested call me at (631) 285-1539 or go to the site for more information. www.longislanddiving.com


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