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Monday, February 28, 2005

Spearfishing in Long Island Sound (early spring)

Getting geared up for springtime flatties (flounder). the still quiet harbors on the north shore should yeild some nice action this spring. Once this snow breaks I am heading over to Setauket and Mt. Sinai Harbor for a little diving and hopefuly some flounder fillets. I also think I should pay a visit to my favorite clam spot for some cherry stones. Gotta love scuba diving for dinner in the early spring it's like going to thye market and just picking the things you like. Clams, Mussels and floundr and maybe even a few wintering rock crabs and some channel whelk to round out a really nice meal. Yummy yum. By the time I finish eating it will be Striper season.

Long Island, New York Scuba Diving

Long Island has one of the most diverse set of underwater and tidal echosystems in the Northeast. Formed as fallout from a glacier 12,000 years ago, Long Island offers scuba divers a rocky North shore littered with giant drop stones, Sandy bottoms pocked with structure, ocean inlets, bridges, jetties, open ocean and a gulf stream that drives exotic marine life to us every summer. In addition, Long Island's history of shipping and transport has left us with one of the best wreck diving areas in the world. Science, fascination and adventure are everywhere from indian artifacts to big tastey lobsters and stripers, and hulking legends like the USS San diego and the Andrea Doria.
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